My recent experience/opinion/review of briefly working with Conall Hurley of FINI Construction in Norris, MT:
  • Met Conall Hurley via an advertisement I placed on Craigslist looking for someone to help with a camper van customization.
  • Traveled to Norris MT to meet, and to see the work done on his own van.
  • The types of work he had done on his van seemed applicable to my project, and I was too eager to find someone believing that the work could not be done on my own.
  • Left behind a down payment on labor, but also funds for electrical components, hardware, or other items which might need to be purchased for the project.
  • Provided a general specification with links to items intended for purchase. These were intended to help when providing a written estimate, planning, purchasing etc.
  • Requested a written estimate and fee schedule. Never received either.
  • A few weeks passed where links to electrical components were promised, but all that were received were links to other items such as camping showers, heaters, and other items already being researched, and purchased by me.
  • Eventually 3-5 links to electrical components were received, with the qualifier that some were cheaper and therefore more likely to someday require replacement, and others more expensive and permanent.
  • Replied with some questions, comments, and ideas regarding the electrical components and their placement and storage, received a dismissive, hostile response that I should simply contact each manufacturer, figure it out myself, and then instruct Mr. Hurley as to what to do. Later learned that this was interpreted as "someone walking into an auto mechanic having viewed some YouTube videos, and then asking questions." I was to pay--not to participate, or to speak.
  • As he lived approximately 1.5 hours away, and given this unprofessional and hostile response, I indicated that I would instead be looking locally for a contractor, and/or doing the work myself. I offered Mr. Hurley $500 for his time.
  • Then learned that Mr. Hurley had apparently foregone other work in order to complete the van project (apparently a grossly underestimated "two week project" in his mind), and that he was already billing at a "consulting" rate. He claimed that had already spent 49 hours on the project in order to send perhaps 10 links from Amazon and eBay.
  • Very likely uncoincidentally, 49 hours at an assumed "consulting" rate of $100 per hour nearly totaled the amount of the down payment, plus the value of two expensive items that I notified him had already shipped to his house. Luckily I was able to redirect the shipments, else I expect they would have been confiscated for "non-payment" for work never estimated, initiated, or completed.
  • Apparently Mr. Hurley had already estimated the value of the job as $10,000 in labor alone, and therefore demanded that the unpaid balance be sent to him immediately. Again, no estimate, no rate sheet, no contract, no deliverables, just a few links.
  • It is anticipated that if the van had been dropped off with Mr. Hurley, then it would have very likely been confiscated as collateral until whatever Mr. Hurley demanded was paid in full.
  • While civilly¬†encouraging refund of the down payment, less the offered and very fair $500, Mr. Hurley accused me of being a danger to him, that I was not to come near his property, and that neighbors and authorities had been notified. This was seemingly a warning/threat that attempts to collect the refund would be met with aggression. These warnings were of course then reciprocated by me as everything about Mr. Hurley's words and behaviors were cause for serious concern, and remain so.
  • When notified of this website, Mr. Hurley of course threatened to sue.
Anyone considering working with Conall Hurley of FINI Construction in Norris MT should beware. Do not pay in advance, get everything in writing, and anticipate that your questions, recommendations, and ideas are unwelcome. Expect his time and services to be grossly overvalued, and that any cancellation will be met with hostility. Yes, I was naive, desperate, and dumb in my dealings with this person, and with this proposed project, but that is absolutely no reason, or excuse for Mr. Hurley to refuse to refund my money when little-to-nothing beyond hostility and demands had been delivered.