Insurance, fees, and policies stuff?

Why the patient account?

There are many administrative and other tasks which need to be completed by the practice in coordination with the patient. The Patient Account enables you to 1) review, complete, sign, and upload forms, documents & results, 2) complete symptom- and diagnosis-related questionnaires, 3) manage appointments & reminders, 4) participate in telehealth sessions (in-person preferred), 5) make payments, and 6) secure message. The patient account enables many administrative and other tasks so that session time can instead be spent on treatment.

Medications like Xanax, Adderall, and opiates?

Benzodiazepines can be safely prescribed for short-term uses. In rare cases, these medications are prescribed long-term at reasonable and safe doses, if appropriate. Patients who are accustomed to high dosing would be required to immediately taper to lower doses, and to trial antihypertensives, or other more targeted medication interventions.

ADHD treatment is highly selective. Neuropsychological testing, verifiable detailed diagnostic, or longstanding prescribing records are required for consideration. Sorry, opiate and maintenance therapies are not currently offered.

Please note that controlled substance contracts are required.

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